Where Employee Recruitment is headed in the Next Five Years

employee engagement coaching

HR managers are recognizing the need for strategic planning for employee engagement. Hiring the people that are a good fit for your organization while meeting the needs of the employee is the goal.

Potential employees that are Gen X’ers and Millennials are not afraid to make changes or make their needs known. They are going to look for the best opportunities. In order to hire the best employees you have to be competitive. The culture is changing in organizations and HR managers need to have an employee engagement and retention strategy.

Starting with the interview process, present your organization and culture honestly in order to give a true representation of your company. This will help to determine whether the candidate is a good match for your company and eliminate those that are not compatible.

Strive to achieve the goals of good management, including employees in decision making and recognizing employees for their contributions. Treat everyone with respect and actively encourage a diverse workforce where everyone is comfortable and happy in their work.