What Can Goranson Consulting Do For Your Organization?

134If you are in an organization with 10 to 1000 employees, and want to start getting more from the talent all around you, then we should talk. Unlike many other coaches and consultants, we don’t work with a lot of pre-set programs and presentations; because we know it has clearly been shown that successful companies are people-driven and people-focused, our first challenge is to understand the culture and landscape you’re working in, and the results you want to create… not to pull out an existing training module and convince you to invest in it.

By working on the underlying building blocks of success – like employee engagement and stress reduction – instead of symptomatic issues, we help you move towards lasting bottom-line improvement. How we work towards those points is completely up to you, since we offer:

Coaching. In coaching we work with a lot of struggling managers and executives. Primarily working one on one, or in small groups, we interact with your executives and managers to identify what is holding them back and where to go to become successful in dealing with those very issues.

Consulting. When your biggest people challenges don’t fit into a simple category, or when you don’t want simple results, you need an expert who can survey the situation and find areas for improvement. Our consulting work is geared towards dramatically impacting your real-world, bottom-line results through improved success with your people.  One size does NOT fit all.

Assessments. Finding the right people for the right positions is the first step towards growing your company the right way. I can help you benchmark job titles, screen applicants, augment your succession plan efforts…..and more.  Then you can make your most important business decisions, those around your people, with total confidence.

Keynotes and workshops. I’ve spoken to business groups and audiences of all sizes, offering them a powerful, simple message that’s packed with quick talent-management tips they can use right away.

The best way to find out what we can do for your company is to get in touch with us and discuss your situation. Call or e-mail us now, and we’ll be happy to build the program that’s right for you.