Are You Getting Everything You Could Be From The People and Talent in Your Organization?

That single question, more than any other, is likely to determine the future success or failure of any company, association, or nonprofit organization. That’s because – even though you might have the best products, the best prices, and even the best customers – if your people aren’t good enough, then neither is your company.

I’m Dave Goranson, the founder and President of Goranson Consulting. I’ve spent many years coaching, consulting, and working with organizations to find, retain, and get the most from personnel at all levels. My clients consider me a valued and trusted friend and adviser, not an outsider, because of the way I’ve been able to help them achieve new levels of performance in the real world.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve done for them, and can do for your organization:

  • Turn around failing or underperforming managers before it’s too late
  • Bring a focus on execution and accountability towards a shared project or objective
  • Create evaluations and benchmarks for hiring better talent
  • Work with employees one on one, or in groups, to drastically improve their productivity
  • Support companies and their managers with succession and promotion planning

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Helping employees and organizations to execute at higher levels is a key to success in any company, large or small, and our work won’t stop until you see actual bottom-line benefits.Want to know more? Check out a few quotes from recent clients to see what they thought about my work, and the change in their companies. Or better yet, contact me today to set up a free consultation and talk about the challenges your team is facing.