Conflict Taboos you should Break

Conflict seems to be a negative word, but actually it is a part of life, whether it is your personal life or your life in the workplace. Conflict is an opportunity for growth with improved communications and better relationships as the payoff.

The key is how you respond to conflict, depending on your response you can either escalate the conflict or resolve the conflict– here are some tips:

  • Listen – this is most important, give the other person your respect
  • Deal directly with the person you have issue with – do not talk to anyone else
  • Don’t make it personal, be objective
  • Be calm and sincere, show empathy and validation

Sometimes you have to end up agreeing to disagree, but remember it is not about who is right or wrong, but finding a solution that everyone can live with. Having an outside facilitator that is impartial can be helpful. In the end if your conflict is in the workplace you will see improved performance and productivity and a reduction of stress.