About Us

DaveGphotobizWhen new clients look for information about me as a coach and consultant, they want to know that I’ve been in the business since 2003, and that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of organizations – all around the country and in different industries – to assist them to take advantage of the talent that’s all around them. Others like that I have a diverse business background, having been a General Manager, head of an operations center, sales manager & trainer, marketing manager, national account manager, and entrepreneur at various points in my career.

Aside from a bit of information about me and my experience, however, does it really tell a client what they need to know in identifying a coach/consultant that is right for their business?

Here is what I think matters most about Goranson Consulting, and what I have been told has kept clients coming back again and again for coaching, consultation, and assessments over the years:

  • Everything we do is geared towards helping you find the right people, keep them, and make the most of their talents and ambitions
  • We believe that a project or outcome is only good when it works for everyone – that means we don’t look for just any client, but the perfect one; it also means that we want your employees to gain just as much out of our work as you do
  • No matter what industry or work area you are in, we take your success very personally
  • We know that, when you call us, it’s because you want real-world results more than you do another coaching or consulting session

If you are looking to unlock some of the potential within your own walls and start achieving more with your employees, call or e-mail us today to discuss the coaching, consulting, or assessment package that is right for your organization.