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Looking for a workshop session that won’t just change the way your managers and team members think, but will also bring real-world results in the months and years to come? Then check out our most popular workshop topics:



Managing and Leading With Less Stress and More Smiles in the Workplace

Today’s managers and supervisors are facing an unprecedented leadership crisis. That’s because the teams they oversee are being asked to do a lot more with a lot less, and the result is a higher-stress, lower-productivity workplace. Through easy to use and understand communications techniques – tested and developed in the real world – we show them how to bring a sense of harmony to the office and get more from every member of their staff on a daily basis.



Win-Win Communication and Negotiation: How 1+1 Really Can Equal 3!

Successful negotiations aren’t just for vendors and customers. To make an organization work in today’s world, you have to spend less time on people problems and more of it on actually getting things done. For that to happen, you need to have every member of your team buy into what you’re doing, and that’s often a matter of negotiating different goals, priorities, and decisions with others internally. In this workshop, we show your team members how to put themselves in another person’s position, find their real goals and motivations, and work towards outcomes where everyone wins.



The New Art of Hiring Smart

Finding the right talent and team members is the one skill that can make or break the future of your organization. But ironically enough, recruiting and hiring is an art that’s truly mastered when you do less of it, because it means that you aren’t wasting time and money with unnecessary employee turnover. From interviewing secrets to skills and management tactics, this workshop is all about finding, screening, and hiring the people you really need to keep your organization growing… not to mention keeping them for years to come.



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  • ASTD-HOI Annual Conference, presentation on Internal vs. External Coaching in the Workplace (video clip)
  • WMBD 1470 Talk Radio, appeared as guest to discuss Employee Workplace Learning Week and current trends in the workplace today
  • Presented at client conference in WI Dells; How to Use and Apply Profile XT Assessment Results for improved workplace communication & teamwork
  • Presented at client executive retreat in IL, New Art of Hiring Smart
  • Facilitated 2-day client strategic planning retreat; presented How to Communicate More Effectively for the Benefit of the Team
  • Two visits to WGEM Talk Radio to discuss and do Q & A around Bullies in the Workplace (listen)