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Where Employee Recruitment is headed in the Next Five Years

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HR managers are recognizing the need for strategic planning for employee engagement. Hiring the people that are a good fit for your organization while meeting the needs of the employee is the goal.

Potential employees that are Gen X’ers and Millennials are not afraid to make changes or make their needs known. They are going to look for the best opportunities. In order to hire the best employees you have to be competitive. The culture is changing in organizations and HR managers need to have an employee engagement and retention strategy.

Starting with the interview process, present your organization and culture honestly in order to give a true representation of your company. This will help to determine whether the candidate is a good match for your company and eliminate those that are not compatible.

Strive to achieve the goals of good management, including employees in decision making and recognizing employees for their contributions. Treat everyone with respect and actively encourage a diverse workforce where everyone is comfortable and happy in their work.

Productivity Benefits of Employee Engagement

Adopting Employee Engagement strategies will pay off for your company in the long run. Not only will your employees be happier but your company will benefit from employees who are engaged in the following ways:

  • Company loyalty
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Improved retention
  • Improved attendance & “presenteeism”
  • Better bottom line results $

All of these attributes add up to a productive company. Employees become engaged when management selects employees that have the personalities that fit well with the company. And when the leaders take the time to get to really know and understand them, treating them as individuals with their own set of needs and wants……voila’! Managers set the tone for employee engagement by encouraging a collaborative environment. They encourage employees to use their individual talent and show their appreciation as employees grow in skill. It is a win-win situation for the employee and the company.

Goranson Consulting can help guide you to better employee engagement and retention. Give us a call to get started.

Coach Dave Interview with WGEM Radio

Dave Goranson was interviewed by WGEM radio in Quincy, Illinois to discuss employee engagement.   He spoke to the station about how important employee engagement is for a company and employer.  Engaged employees are better workers and passionate about their careers.

Click the link below to listen to the entire interview.

Goranson Consulting
Goranson Consulting
Coach Dave Interview with WGEM Radio

Increase Your Job Performance with Coaching

job performance coaching

In these tough economic times with cut backs and job restructuring it is time to put your best foot forward. Coaching can help you to achieve these goals with an impartial third party assessment. Professional coaches use tools to help determine the areas that you would like to target for improvement. Coaching tools can be helpful in assessing the following areas:

  1. Brainstorming/goal setting – figuring out what you would like to accomplish.
  2. Prioritizing – learning to take care of the most important tasks first.
  3. Strengths/weaknesses – play up your strengths and work on areas of weakness.
  4. Communication/listening skills – listening skills will allow you to have empathy for others; communication skills will allow you to get your point across whether you are talking to management or your subordinates.
  5. Strategies to manage people – whether you are managing your employees or dealing with your boss, you need to learn how to meet and exceed expectations.

Once you have determined, with the help of your coach, the areas that you would like to develop and improve, you will work together to develop a plan for success. As you work toward your goals, your coach will be able to provide the feedback and support that you need every step of the way.

How Stress can make you Sick

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In this busy multi-tasking world being stressed is a condition that we experience quite often. Between your work life and your home life everything seems to happen at once and it is easy to become stressed. Over time you can actually become ill due to stress. Headaches, stomach aches, blood pressure and acid reflux are common conditions that can be brought on or worsened by stress.

The good news is you can learn ways of dealing with stress. Here are a few tips for dealing with stress:

  • Exercise, eat right and get enough sleep
  • Take deep breaths or take a break if you are in a stressful situation
  • Get some perspective on the situation, try to maintain a positive outlook
  • Use humor to diffuse a stressful situation
  • Try visualization and meditation techniques

There are many ways of dealing with stress and you can learn the proper techniques to help you to deal with anxiety, irritation and all of the other emotions that contribute to your stress.

Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

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Delegation is often postponed until there is more “time”, as a lot of things are easier to do yourself, rather than having to train someone to take over your tasks. Sometimes it is also about control, since many managers want to feel in control and giving up your tasks may make you feel that you are giving up your control.

Here are some tips for successful delegation:
• Give your employees a chance to grow and develop a new skill or opportunity
• Give them the proper training to learn the task
• Make sure they have all the resources they will need for the task
• Allow them to make mistakes without serious repercussions
• Monitor the employee; guide and encourage them while the learn the task


You may also want to consider whether some tasks could be outsourced or accomplished in a more efficient way, such as with an application or software?

The more you are able to delegate routine repetitive tasks, the more time you will have for the priority work and that is effective management.

Why Working with a Coach Gives You the Edge

employee engagement coaching

In the world of business today you need all of the help you can get, and coaching can give you the competitive edge that you need. Coaching can help you to develop your skills in the following areas:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop your goals
  • Improve the way you communicate
  • Learn to improve your interpersonal skills
  • Develop self-confidence

Many times high performing team members are promoted into leadership roles and they do not have the leadership skills that are required for managing a team. Coaching can be a great way to help the transition into management for new leaders and can lead to a win-win situation for the organization.   The organization will benefit from the new leadership skills that are cultivated with coaching. Likewise, the new leaders will be prepared for their new roles and motivated for success in the company.

Experienced managers can also benefit from coaching in gaining a new perspective and with the guidance of a coach, can develop a plan for enhancing their leadership skills.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Coach

business coaching

Coaching is a great way to improve your skills and abilities, not only in business, but in your personal life as well. It is important that you find a coach that is right for you in order to make the most of your experience. Listed below are the 5 reasons why you need a coach:

1.  Assist when you have a lack of focus or goals
2.  Overcome low confidence or lack of self-esteem
3.  Develop your interpersonal skills
4.  Overcome career difficulties
5.  Achieve a work-life balance

You will want to find a coach that you have a good rapport with. A good coach will listen and guide you with questions into forming your own plan of action and goals. A coach will not make any judgments or tell you what to do, rather they are professionally trained to help you come to your own conclusions. Coaching will provide the support and encouragement that you need to gain new perspectives. You will be motivated to move forward and confident that you have made the right choices in making positive changes for your life.


Managers vs Leaders

I heard a great quote recently when researching a new book and some materials for an upcoming Leadership Development series I am in the process of creating. It was as follows: “Managers give them something to do. Leaders give them something to believe in”. That, to me, says it all.
JUST because you are a manager by title and by job responsibility does NOT necessarily make you a leader. That’s why I spend so much time talking to and about leadership and great leadership qualities. There are lots of managers out there that come in on budget, get a full day’s work from their people, follow the company model to a “T”. But they do NOT inspire people to go the extra mile, stretch, contribute, be more engaged in their jobs or teach just by their example of walking the walk.
Through their actions leaders not only get people around them to do all the work a manager does but they BUY IN. Their team members believe in the mission, vision and goals. They show up in a different way at work, just as the leader does as well. And a more energized, engaging, productive workplace is the end result. Give YOUR people something to believe in!

What’s YOUR Legacy?

One of the things that suddenly seems to keep coming up in my travels and work with clients lately is a common theme I simply LOVE to hear and feel from them.  A genuine concern for what their legacy will be when they have moved on from their current position.  And it’s not just leaders saying it.  Clearly, there is a definite link to age and experience in these common occurrences, BUT… would be great if more and more people gave this time for a little thought as well.  No matter the age, position or “walk in life” they have chosen.

What a great thing for people to actually want to leave a positive wake behind them rather than a raging tidal wave.  It reflects on how we treat others, personally and professionally.  And in doing so, what kind of difference we might have made on their lives.  And organizations should love this type of thought and concern.  Why?  It means less internal focus and potential miscommunication, conflict, stress and reduced productivity.  It does mean more outwardly focused thinking.  Looking at the greater good but also how the individual exhibiting that behavior and style shows up.  All things making it a potential win-win.

Sooo…what do you want your legacy to be?  Food for thought!