Keynote Speaker

Searching for a dynamic and entertaining speaker for your event that your attendees will still be talking about for months to come? Then consider having Dave Goranson as your keynote speaker or featured presenter. Each of his programs has lots of real-world management and communication advice that your audience can use right away, combined with enough humor and energy to keep everyone engaged – even after a long day of meetings or training sessions.


Here are some of our most popular keynote and speaking topics:



Managing and Leading in Lean Times

How do you lead your team to accomplish more, and do it with your employees and resources, in these tough economic times? The answer is to have them all focused and working towards the same goals, which takes a different level – and a different method – of communication and management than a lot of leaders are used to. In this keynote, we look at the best ways to manage calendars, expectations, and communications to get the right results in the wrong kind of economic climate.


Get Engaged to Your Employees

In the greatest businesses and organizations, leaders and managers have a different kind of relationship with their employees than their competitors do. Because of that, they are able to retain more of them, achieve higher levels of productivity, and enjoy a lower-stress work environment. If that’s something you think will help your attendees, then this keynote is the perfect choice.


Win-Win Communications

In any negotiation or decision-making process, there are four possible outcomes, and three of them will harm your organization in the long term. In this keynote, we look at different personality types in the workplace, the best ways to identify other people’s goals (whether they are obvious or not), and different ways of communicating to find win-win situations that work for everyone… in the short and long term.


How Real “Coaching” Managers Do It

Talking about being a coach for your employees and colleagues is one thing, but actually achieving it is another. The difference is in facilitating them and helping them to achieve more, rather than directing their every move and hoping they’ll follow your instructions. Coaches make better leaders because they inspire new levels of performance and productivity, without wearing employees out. In this keynote, we’ll look at what it takes to truly be one, and the best ways to get started.

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