Success Stories

Transformational performance coaching addresses TWO areas of both need and opportunity for any organization.

The first is Coaching and Mentoring an individual manager or executive as they enter into a new position.

• Limited to no previous experience in this type of position?
• Wanting to get off to a fast start?
• Need someone with an objective 3rd party point of view and the real world experience and coaching techniques to facilitate this transition effectively?

Coaching and Mentoring new managers is the chance to start from a position of strength.

The second area of critical need is all too common in these “lean and mean” times in the world today. That is the need for a performance intervention in order to get a key manager or executive back on track after falling off the rails of success. It happens to so many people. Don’t feel alone.

• Stress, changes in business, changes outside of work, a change in job responsibilities?
• People “blowing up” from all these factors?

Through expert assessment & situational analysis, Performance Coaching will help you. It will result in stopping the bleeding, getting focused on a proper game plan and lead to a more positive environment of professional development. No longer playing defense, we are now positively on the offensive, proactive path.

GCI Real-World Success Story
Leadership Crisis
GCI Real-World Success Story
Company Makeover
Case Study 1
National Manufacturing
Challenge Addressed: Productivity
Case Study 2
National Pharmaceutical
Challenge Addressed: Sales
Case Study 3
National Business Service Corporation
Challenge Addressed: Turnover
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