What’s YOUR Legacy?

One of the things that suddenly seems to keep coming up in my travels and work with clients lately is a common theme I simply LOVE to hear and feel from them.  A genuine concern for what their legacy will be when they have moved on from their current position.  And it’s not just leaders saying it.  Clearly, there is a definite link to age and experience in these common occurrences, BUT…..it would be great if more and more people gave this time for a little thought as well.  No matter the age, position or “walk in life” they have chosen.

What a great thing for people to actually want to leave a positive wake behind them rather than a raging tidal wave.  It reflects on how we treat others, personally and professionally.  And in doing so, what kind of difference we might have made on their lives.  And organizations should love this type of thought and concern.  Why?  It means less internal focus and potential miscommunication, conflict, stress and reduced productivity.  It does mean more outwardly focused thinking.  Looking at the greater good but also how the individual exhibiting that behavior and style shows up.  All things making it a potential win-win.

Sooo…what do you want your legacy to be?  Food for thought!