Managers vs Leaders

I heard a great quote recently when researching a new book and some materials for an upcoming Leadership Development series I am in the process of creating. It was as follows: “Managers give them something to do. Leaders give them something to believe in”. That, to me, says it all.
JUST because you are a manager by title and by job responsibility does NOT necessarily make you a leader. That’s why I spend so much time talking to and about leadership and great leadership qualities. There are lots of managers out there that come in on budget, get a full day’s work from their people, follow the company model to a “T”. But they do NOT inspire people to go the extra mile, stretch, contribute, be more engaged in their jobs or teach just by their example of walking the walk.
Through their actions leaders not only get people around them to do all the work a manager does but they BUY IN. Their team members believe in the mission, vision and goals. They show up in a different way at work, just as the leader does as well. And a more energized, engaging, productive workplace is the end result. Give YOUR people something to believe in!