New Ideas for Employee Relationships with Engagement

Employee relationships start at the beginning with Human Resources. Human resources should be friendly, welcoming and understand the needs and issues of the employees. They should understand what motivates an employee and how to create a win-win situation for the company and the employee.

Managers should make sure that employees receive recognition or praise when it is deserved, monitor performance and provide support when it is needed.

Zappos is one company that has gone above and beyond at creating an extraordinary experience for employees:

  • Co-worker bonus program – reward your co-worker that helped you out with a $50 bonus
  • Grant a wish program – grant simple wishes of their employees – a fishing trip, an outing, etc.
  • Zappos Zollars – earn zollars to spend on Zappos shirts and products with the company logo.
  • Job Shadowing – learn about your co-workers job.
  • New Hire Scavenger Hunt – this is a fun way to learn about your new co-workers.
  • Classes that teach soft skills, such as projects, communication, and finance.
  • Zapprenticeship – spend 90 days in a new role and then mutually decide if the new role is yours, if it is not for you, you can go back to your original position.

Zappos is a good example of going the extra mile to make sure that everyone feels connected. Think outside of the box for some new ways to develop relationships with your employees.