Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

Gorason business coach

Delegation is often postponed until there is more “time”, as a lot of things are easier to do yourself, rather than having to train someone to take over your tasks. Sometimes it is also about control, since many managers want to feel in control and giving up your tasks may make you feel that you are giving up your control.

Here are some tips for successful delegation:
• Give your employees a chance to grow and develop a new skill or opportunity
• Give them the proper training to learn the task
• Make sure they have all the resources they will need for the task
• Allow them to make mistakes without serious repercussions
• Monitor the employee; guide and encourage them while the learn the task


You may also want to consider whether some tasks could be outsourced or accomplished in a more efficient way, such as with an application or software?

The more you are able to delegate routine repetitive tasks, the more time you will have for the priority work and that is effective management.