Persistence And An Unwavering Will To Succeed!

In my home area of Peoria, IL and the surrounding communities in this metro area many folks now more than ever remember to give thanks for those very things. Why? Because November is the month two years ago when the community of Washington, IL made national news when an EF4 tornado with winds in excess of 190mph suddenly hit that town. I wrote one of my most emotional newsletters ever in November of 2013 describing that nightmare(see ; Resources/Newsletter, November 2013, for the full story).
Today, while Washington, IL will never be the same, the people in the area have bounced back – BIG TIME! While still not completely recovered, it’s certainly close. But the spirit, drive and will to hang in there and rebound from that disaster is a perfect example of what it often takes to survive and thrive in today’s world we live in now. And that will is key in both business and in life! It still amazes me how in some of our worst times, the best in the human spirit comes alive. With the support, resources and care of the townspeople in Washington plus help from many other areas and organizations, things are better. And the people here know, despite the horrific hardships, in many cases it could have been even worse. They know first hand you can recover. The people of Washington have and they are still doing so to this day. Most of all, we all have learned some valuable lessons in remembering to be grateful. And we have been reminded that we really aren’t alone, that the strength of the human spirit can overcome SO much. Most of all, it’s a constant reminder to give thanks each and every day for the blessings we do have and not just on Thanksgiving.
Washington IL after the tornado on November 17th, 2013
Washington IL rebuilding November 2015