Dave, I just wanted to thank you again for the call yesterday.  The conversation was very helpful –  my first experience with “Coach Dave”.


Oh my goodness – you are certainly in the right business.  To do what you do and truly care about the people you are working with is a calling and a gift. I have seen so many programs over the years that I roll my eyes with the new “flavor of the week”, but I now understand and respect what you do much more.”

·Dave gave staff from across the state of Illinois very valuable tips on how to stay motivated during stressful and lean times.
·They were trained on how to think outside the “box”.
·Dave is a very energetic, passionate person that is able to keep everyone’s attention with his wit and interesting way of training.

“Dave helped me completely re-evaluate how I viewed our associates as a resource.  Dave’s process helped us to identify core human issues that contributed to underperformance and more importantly gain insight into how to better direct, or re-direct resources to achieve performance gains.
Through Dave’s coaching, we were able to provide the management team better situation specific training and professional development.   As an accountability partner we could rely on Dave for direct observation with clear and objective consultation.
Mr. Goranson’s process is the most impactful and sustainable approach to achieving personnel development and performance I’ve found in my twenty-plus years of managing and coaching people.”

“Working with Goranson Consulting and Dave has made a difference in our operation. In the two years we have been working together everyone is on board and I can see the benefits daily.”

“I first saw Dave in action at a state-wide meeting where he presented a workshop to a large audience.  I was impressed by his energy, passion, knowledge and his innate ability to get people involved and interested!  As a result, we had Dave do several workshops with our local group here to excellent reviews.  Coach Dave gave the participants a new perspective on being in a leadership role.  His training “Managing and Leading with Less Stress and More Smiles” gave them new and creative ways to build teamwork and inspire initiative within their organization.  Coach Dave’s facilitative presentation style was well received and created new inspiration for all involved.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!  “

“Many HR Professionals today are responsible for a myriad of duties which must be accomplished with minimal staff.  Working with Coach Dave has given me an additional member of my team. He strives to understand the company’s goals and culture. With hundreds of employees working in 7 states, I often need to be in several places at the same time. Coach Dave is my right arm for assisting with management training and employee development on-site. Employees who have worked with Coach Dave have demonstrated noticeable growth and improvement. Each year the relationship improves and continues to deliver results.  Goranson Consulting is a valuable part of our corporate team. “

“Dave Goranson has helped us stabilize and improve our staff by using pre-employment evaluations. We have been able to identify skills, learning curves, and personal behaviors that contribute to the success of a staff member and use this in our pre-employment selection process and in creating employee growth. Dave has been a valuable partner in hiring and maintaining an exceptional staff of qualified people. His insight and assistance has been very beneficial for our operations.”

“We’ve been working with Dave at Goranson Consulting since 2003. The reasons are simple. We view him as a trusted business partner and confidante that has our best interests in mind at all times. Dave listens to us and custom-designs solutions based on our ongoing challenges as opposed to others who offer a typical standardized approach. Working with GCI has been worth every cent of our investment. We recommend Dave’s services to anyone looking to improve their business performance.”

“Dave has become an important resource for our company. Whether it’s screening new hires, coaching us and our executive teams, or facilitating corporate personnel discussions, he brings excellent insight. We consider him a valuable member of our management team and our executives view him as their personal coach. It’s all good.”

“Goranson Consulting has been a tremendous help for over 10 years in the most critical part of running a business which is selecting the right people to be working at your company. Picking the people with the right skills and most importantly the right behavior is the key to running a successful business. After selecting the right people Coach Dave has helped us to work with them to understand themselves better and the dynamics of our culture. I highly recommend Goranson Consulting. They have saved us so much more than we could ever pay them with the right hires and reduced turnover.”