Want to get the real scoop on our coaching, consulting, and speaking programs? Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what some of our recent clients are saying about Goranson Consulting and the results we have achieved for them…

“I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Dave at my television station. Dave is a great listener who always has suggestions to help you solve whatever issues you are dealing with in the workplace. His presence as a third party resource in our station has allowed us to deal with many problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or not talked about. He also helped me grow in my career with the company, which eventually helped me receive a promotion and raise!”

Mike Costello, WREX Assistant News Director

When I was promoted, Dave became indispensable to me in learning effective ways to work and communicate as a manager. Dave’s coaching style keeps me encouraged, motivated & growing, and is much more thorough than the training seminars I had experienced with a previous employer. Because Dave truly coaches from his experience and insight, I feel that I am better able to help my department grow as a group, as well as individuals, so that we can contribute even more to our company.!”

Thomas Stock, Production Supervisor