Relationships are THE Key

While traveling for a client this past week, I was reminded once again what one of my “greatest bosses” drilled into me. Relationships with and understanding of your employees are KEY to success as a manager and leader. In order to move the bar on performance, spend less time dealing with conflict, miscommunication, stress and poor productivity. Learn to build better relationships with those on your team!
I didn’t say, get into their “personal stuff”, but that might happen willingly to some degree as some of your relationships develop. What I AM saying is what data supports. That people want to be understood. They want to feel like they are heard, respected and VALUED. They are more than just a number on a sheet of paper or a computer report. Soooo…get to know them, what really makes them tick, where they want to go with their careers and their lives. And as a result, much better employee engagement and retention will occur.  A true Win-Win!