Leadership in Today’s World

The first announcement I am extremely pleased to make is that Goranson Consulting is forming a strategic partnership with Kay Titchenal, effective January 30, 2013. I first met Kay when working for Right Management Consultants, then got to know her much better as I ventured out on my own in 2003. Kay was in a leadership position at a leading medical school, charged with the position of Executive Director of Human Resources. We had the pleasure of doing some great work together in the leadership development arena and from there a friendship and a relationship as colleagues began to grow. After much “prompting”, “begging” and “persuasion”, Kay agreed to join forces with Goranson Consulting as a strategic partner. While maintaining her own business, the vast majority of her time will be working in partnership with GCI. The
goal: 1 + 1 = 3! Synergy at its finest and in turn even better and broader offerings available for our clients.


Kay’s business background and experience of 40+ years has afforded her the opportunity to focus on leadership challenges. Working at various professional levels in large and small companies, encompassing those that were publicly traded or privately held, for profit and

not-for-profit, in the private and public sector, and in manufacturing and service arenas, have provided Kay with a wealth of hands-on experience. Just a few of her areas of expertise, in addition to Leadership Development, are human resources, training and workshops, strategic planning & facilitation, leading/consulting on culture and change, succession planning and individualized career development.


Our primary focus in working together will be without a doubt LEADERSHIP. Leadership at ALL levels of any organization, whether big, little or somewhere in between. In the coming months we will be announcing other new additions to what GCI will have in its toolbox!


One term you will be hearing from us a lot will be Atypical Leadership. We will explain what we mean by that and what it means for all of you, our readers, in future issues. For this month, courtesy of Kay, let’s hit the highlights of an article she read that hits the mark on what we will be exploring in 2013.




All successful LEADERS share five practices.


  1. They challenge the process.
  2. They inspire a shared vision
  3. Leaders enable others to act
  4. Leaders model the way
  5. Leaders Encourage the heart


In 2013 the GCI newsletter will be going through eachone of these 5 points….and much more. One of the key elements of the newsletter this year will be challenging YOU to think outside the box. We’ll be sharing real-world stories exemplifying the elements of leadership we will be talking about and talking to. And most important of all, WHERE are our future leaders going to come from? One key thing to keep in mind going forward will be that we both believe strongly you don’t have to have the title “manager”, “director”, “exec” by your name to be a leader. Leaders show themselves in a variety of ways and situations.