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Ask Coach Dave

Managers have to deal with all sorts of scenarios day in and day out. Each week Coach Dave will address a question that has been sent in.

Want to ask a question about something you are dealing with at your facility? Fill out the form below and we will post general questions here as a resource.  Don’t worry, we do not share this information with anyone!

    Past Questions:

    Question #1 – Dave, I have an employee that was promoted but is having a hard time adapting. Do you have any advice? askdave
    First, we’ll need to set up some benchmarks for the new position and run them through an assessment to see how their Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits and Occupational Interests line up to the new job, the boss and the rest of team.  Pending the outcome of that, we can then determine any next steps and actions to save or realign the employee in question.

    Question #2 – “Coach Dave, what is the number one thing you see as the most common challenge in the workplace today?”
    Great question!  Based on what I encounter on an almost daily basis, I would say it is clearly COMMUNICATION…across the board.  Boss to employee, peer to peer, supervisor to direct report, etc etc.

    Question #3 – “Dave, what is the reason you started Goranson Consulting?  What is your core strength or competency?”
    I started Goranson Consulting back in the Fall of 2003 to help businesses and organizations of all sizes and types work more successfully with the most important asset in any company, their people.  And our core strength is just that, in my opinion.  Helping you find the right ones and showing you how to put them in a position to succeed, train them more effectively, manage them properly and retain them for years to come!